I GOT PPP FUNDS, WHAT DO I DO NOW? Designed to guarantee businesses the loans they need to cover eight weeks of payroll, along with some utility and rent costs, businesses are able to request 2.5 times their average monthly payroll costs (from 2019) for the PPP loan.  Any small business with less than 500 […]

What Experts Say About Reducing Business Debt

Share on facebook Facebook Share on google Google+ Share on twitter Twitter Share on linkedin LinkedIn Share on pinterest Pinterest Despite an economy that appears to be booming, many small business owners have a very thin margin of error to work with.  Lack of reserves, seasonal business, extreme weather unpredictable tariffs, shutdowns and the new, […]

How to Easily Start a Business in the US

Apply Now How to Start a Business in the US Starting a business can be challenging with the obstacles ahead from planning the type of business you want, to inventory, personnel, to the amount you need to initially invest and finding a way to keep accountability.  Don’t let distractions divert you from your actual goal, […]

Monthly Payment Loans for Small Businesses

An Overview of the Benefits What makes our partnership with US Server Supply’s program both attractive and beneficial to a small business is the following:  1. MONTHLY PAYMENTS Clients will never have a weekly or daily repayment. Their payback will be on monthly payments. This causes less stress on cash flow for a small business […]