Business-Credit Loans

This product is better described as unrestricted cash working capital, that is fully tax deductible and paid back on monthly payments over 5 years - while not counting as a funding position.

(Without affecting your credit!)

Business Credit Loans - How do they work?

With Business-credit loans you will never have to personally guarantee the financing. Your business will guarantee it, and you will only sign as the owner of the business and not as yourself personally.

With our Business-credit loans product the payments will be monthly and NEVER weekly or daily like merchant cash advance payments. The first payment will be larger as it will include a pro-rate for the first partial month as well as the first full month, and a set up fee of no more than $250. However, the first payment will not be due for more than 30 days from the time of funding. After that they payments will be due like clockwork each month.

It is always great when you get what you are promised. Our business-credit loans program will always be a 5 year term. There will not be any of the bait and switch tactics which are commonly used in the business funding arena. When we say “5 years”, we mean five years. The only downside to our long term funding is that we cannot guarantee a traditional prepayment discount. This is because the product is a non-traditional, specialty financing method for obtaining business-credit loans.

  • Interests are lower than most of other alternative financing options.
  • They are always a monthly payment, keeping a healthy cash flow.
  • Payments are usually low.
  • Terms are always 5 years, which is much longer than most of the other forms of funding.
  • There are no pre-payment discounts for this specific product type.
  • It can be more challenging to qualify as you need an established business credit.
  • Time in business required is usually above 5 years, unless there’s been hyper growth.

Get $25,000 - $225,000

Loan approvals start at $25k and go up to around $225k

Terms is Always 5 Years

5 years is the standard term for BCLs.

Starting at 1.12 Factor Rate

Monthly payments are always around $1,000 for every $25,000 that you get.

What are the basic qualifications?

(Based on American SBA previous clients)

70/100 Paydex Score

Your business needs to have a paydex score with Dunn and Bradstreet that is at least 70 points.

From $10,000 Monthly Revenue

We've seen that usually businesses making $10k monthly can qualify for this type of loan.

5 Years in Business

Your business has to have been operating for 5 years under the same Tax ID.

Who can qualify for a business-credit loan?

Items you'll need:

Now, let’s be clear. The business-credit loan is amazing, and that’s why we have reserved it for amazing clients. 

These are are the basic qualification guidelines to help you determine if your business to qualify: 

  • Your business must be operational and not a paper company.
  • Your business must be operating at least 5 years under the same tax ID #.
  • Your business must not have any open MCA or bank judgments against it.
  • Your business cannot have ever been in bankruptcy (you personally having a past bankruptcy does not matter).
  • Your business must have established business credit. A 70 + Paydex score, plus real bank loan/loc, or leasing history (even if it’s a copier or credit card terminal lease).
  • Your business must have a real web presence.
  • Your business cannot be home based or UPS store/mailbox based.


What will a business-credit loan cost you?

After tax deductions taken year by year over a 5 year term, this business-credit loan product will cost about 20% per year (simple interest). That is also with no personal guarantee attached; so your personal credit and assets are never at risk.

If you compare that with merchant cash advance rates it is night and day.

A. With a merchant cash advance there is no tax deduction.

B. With a 2nd or 3rd position merchant cash advance, by the time your business is done paying off the money (after all fees), the cost could be as high as 100% per year or more. For example: with origination and other fees, a 1.33 factor rate advance given for 4 months really costs about 40% (10% per month). If renewed twice in a year that is now close to 120% interest in just 12 months for 3 fundings of about the same amount each. Each of those fundings will also require a personal guarantee, and may even require a confession of judgment, all while being paid back daily or weekly at best.

When you work with business-credit loans you can count on getting affordable no personal guarantee working capital if your business qualifies.

Compare Other Loan Types

Type of Loan


Interest Rate

Credit Score

  • Characteristics:
  • $25,000 – $500,0000
  • Interest Rates: 7% >
  • As Fast as in 48 Hours
  • Requires:
  • 3 Years in Business
  • 680 > Credit Score
  • Characteristics:
  • $10,000 – $1,000,000 +
  • Interest Rates Starting at 7.0% APR
  • As Fast as in 24 Hours
  • Requires:
  • 1 Year in Business
  • 630 > Credit Score
  • Characteristics:
  • $5,000 – $500,0000
  • Factor Rates Starting at 1.12x
  • As Fast as in 48 Hours
  • Requires:
  • 3 Months in Business
  • 500 > Credit Score
  • Characteristics:
  • $5,000 – $5,000,0000
  • Interest Rates Starting at 6.0% APR
  • As Fast as in 2 weeks
  • Requires:
  • 4 Years in Business
  • 680 > Credit Score
  • Characteristics:
  • $25,000 +
  • Interest Rates Starting at 5.99% APR
  • As Fast as in 48 Hours
  • Requires:
  • Consistent Personal Income
  • 600 > Credit Score

Business-Credit Loans

You'll be surprised what we can do for your business.

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What Industries can Benefit?

With business-credit loans there will be no restrictions on how your business uses the funds.

A. You will not be required to pay off any merchant cash advance balances or other funding or loan/line of credit balances. The money is yours to use for your business any way you like.

B. If your business is currently in any type of restrictive situation such as a reverse consolidation or even an SBA loan application, this particular funding product will be undetectable to your creditors. That is because the money is strategically funded via business check and not via bank deposit by ACH or wire. The UCC will show a zero dollar amount and will not show that it is a loan or advance. This will allow your business to receive this funding without having to sacrifice any current or future financial opportunities.

Transportation Industry

Short term capital loans have proven to be a great option for the transportation industry! Funds are likely used for buying trucks, equipment, or repairs. Often a very popular option for this industry.

Retail Sales Industry

Many retail store owners require some extra capital to leverage economies of scale to take advantage of discounted prices and lower costs per goods sold!

Medical Industry

Many medical professionals that require an upgrade in their equipment or an expansion of their current operation resort to short-term capital loans. Often secure lower rates than the average.

Professional Services

Professional services often have the same issue than other independent contractors. There's a demand for work, but no capital for the required resources. This solves that issue!

Construction Industry

Contractors often have many projects ahead that are left untreated for lack of proper resources. These loans are able to bridge that gap and allow work to happen!

Restaurants and Bars

Time-in-time again we service owners with broken essential equipment. Every day without it is costing them money. This product serves useful as it is the fastest road to funds.

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