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Business Credit Building

We are helping clients build their business credit score. Many people do not know that a business can have their own business credit score. With the right help, a Paydex Score [business credit score]  can be built quickly and maintained fairly easily to ensure long-term business funding options.

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FAQs (BCB - Business Credit Building)

Why establish a business credit score?

Using business credit separates personal financial liability within a business. You also qualify for loans and credit lines with higher limits and lower interest rates. Individuals are also able to transfer business debts to business credit cards if expenses were accrued on a personal credit card. Additionally, if the business closes for some reason (like a pandemic), any debts on the business will not fall back on the individual. You can also build multiple business credit scores if you have multiple businesses.


What is a PayDex score?

The Paydex score is like a FICO (personal credit) score but it is attached to the business’s EIN (Employer Identification Number) rather than a Social Security number. 


What are typical business credit interest rates?

Business credit card interest rates are typically offered at 0-2% introductory interest rates for up to 36 months, rather than double-digit interest for 12 to 24 months with personal credit. Once introductory rates expire, standard rates usually range between 6% and 8%.


How long does this take?

We know a lot of people want credit right away! But, the Paydex Score does take between 3-12 months to build, depending on their personal credit score. However, that  It does take some time to build. A lot of people want credit right away. A Paydex score typically takes 3-12 months to build depending on their personal credit score. 


Why do you need my FICO Score?

Oftentimes, lenders view businesses as an extension of their owner. And since we don’t have a business credit score to base lending decisions on, underwriters opt for the next best thing. If we are unable to assist you with building your business credit due to a less-than-optimal [NOTE: IT’S USUALLY DIFFICULT TO GET A PAYDEX SCORE IF FICO IS LESS THAN 600] your personal credit score, we can always start there and build the personal credit score first.


Who qualifies? What do I qualify for? 

If you are a legally-established business with a satisfactory FICO (personal credit score above 600 in most cases) let’s get you started. Once you’re established, you could potentially qualify for the same business credit offers that Fortune 500 companies enjoy, which we can also assist with once we get there.


What does it cost? / What will I have to pay?

The initial consultation is FREE! If you choose to participate in the program, there may be a nominal administrative fee. Aside from that, the only thing you pay is the interest on any business credit lines you open.


How do you guys get paid? 

This service is complimentary from our end. What we value most is establishing a strong relationship to assist you in the future as your business grows if you require any additional commercial finance services.


Who are you guys? 

We are a third-party processing group for Prime Corporate Solutions, our trusted and preferred partner for business credit building services. 


Why should I work with you?

The American Small Business Advisory provides Fortune 500 solutions to the other 99% of businesses. We have helped thousands just like you get approved (and funded!) for successfully completed Business Insurance Claims, in addition to other SBA, pandemic recovery programs and commercial financing options.


Who is going to have my information?

We utilize encrypted web forms and communication systems to upload your information and documentation directly to our company database to keep it completely secure. If you decide not to move forward, we just delete it. If you decide to move forward, we will share the information with our business credit building partner PCS (Prime Corporate Solutions) and any potential lenders, ONLY if you request we assist you in securing the best business credit offers.

Contact Information 

PHONE :        (954) 799-4789

EMAIL :         submit@americansba.com

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