Restaurant Revitalization Fund

The Restaurant Revitalization Fund provides assistance to help restaurants and other eligible businesses keep their doors open. Qualifying businesses may receive funding equal to their pandemic-related revenue loss up to $10 million per business and no more than $5 million per physical location. Recipients are not required to repay the funding.

Who Qualifies for this program?


(Based on American SBA previous clients)

Bar and Restaurant Owners

This fund is for owners of bars, restaurants or any establishment that generates 33% or more from food and beverage sales.

Experienced a Loss of Revenue

Simply submit copies of gross receipts and/or any additional information to demonstrate a loss of revenue.

Use Funds for Eligible Expenses

Funds used must be entered into an application portal at the end of each year until the funds are spent or the program ends.

How do you get started with this program?

Getting started with this program is as easy as filling out our application and having a phone call with one of our specialists. From there he’ll ask you for some basic qualifying information to get started with the heavy lifting.

You can find the application by clicking here.

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Who’s eligible for the grant?

Eligible entities are businesses that are not permanently closed and include businesses where the public or patrons assemble for the primary purpose of being served food or drink.

Do you charge anything?

No, we are a third-party processing company who has a partnership with the SBA to help ensure more efficient distribution of relief.

Who pays your check?

As an SBA partner, we are paid directly by the SBA as part of their processing costs and that amount is not passed on to you.

How much do I qualify for?

As a general rule, the program issues grants in the amount of the difference between gross receipts for 2019 and 2020, minus any funds issued if you took a PPP loan or participated in any other SBA pandemic-recovery programs (EIDL, PPP, etc). Program grant amounts issued are between $1,000 minimum and $5 million maximum per location and up to $10 million for all locations.

What if I have a new business or a business started during (or after) 2020?

New businesses are still eligible for the grant. The grant amount issued will be equal to any eligible gross receipts, minus any funds      issued if  you took a PPP loan or participated in any other SBA pandemic-recovery programs (EIDL, PPP, etc)

What if I have multiple locations?

Applicants that operate multiple locations may calculate funding amounts for the separate locations as an aggregate amount. The    aggregated funding amount is limited to $5 million per location and $10 million for the Applicant and its Affiliates.

What expenses are eligible for the program?

  1. Business payroll costs
  2. Business mortgage payments
  3. Business rent payments
  4. Business debts
  5. Business utility payments
  6. Business maintenance expenses
  7. Construction of outdoor seating 
  8. Business supplies, including protective equipment and cleaning materials
  9. Business food and beverage expenses, including beer, wine, or spirits 
  10. Covered supplier costs
  11. Business operating expenses

What are gross receipts?

Gross receipts include all revenue in whatever form received or accrued (in accordance with the entity’s accounting method) from whatever source, including from the sales of products or services, interest, dividends, rents, royalties, fees or commissions, reduced by returns and allowances. Generally, receipts are considered “total income” (or in the case of a sole proprietorship, independent contractor, or self-employed individual “gross income”) plus “cost of goods sold,” and excludes net capital gains or losses as these terms are defined and reported on IRS tax return forms. Gross receipts do not include the following: taxes collected for and remitted to a taxing authority if included in gross or total income (such as sales or other taxes collected from customers and excluding taxes levied on the concern or its employees); proceeds from transactions between a concern and its domestic or foreign affiliates; and amounts collected for another by a travel agent, real estate agent, advertising agent, conference management service provider, freight forwarder or customs broker. All other items, such as subcontractor costs, reimbursements for purchases a contractor makes at a customer’s request, investment income, and employee-based costs such as payroll taxes, may not be excluded from gross receipts.

How long do I have to use the funds?

Funds must be used by March 11, 2023 on eligible expenses incurred beginning on February 15, 2020 and ending on March 11, 2023. If the business permanently closes, the covered period will end when the business permanently closes or on March 11, 2023, whichever occurs sooner. 

What happens if I don’t use all the funds?

Awardees that are unable to use all Restaurant Revitalization funds on eligible expenses by the end of the covered period must return any unused funds to the government (post award guidance to follow this guide).

How does the government verify use of funds?

Not later than December 31, 2021 all Applicants are required to report through the application portal how much of their award has been used against each eligible use category. If the Applicant fully expends their funds prior to December 31, 2021, they will be asked to certify in the application portal that proceeds have been used on eligible expenses. All Applicants that do not fully expend award funds prior to December 31, 2021 will be required to complete annual reporting submissions until they fully expend the award funding or the period of performance expires. SBA reserves the right to request supplemental documentation needed to validate the certification.

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